Internal rules and regulations formalize and present a broad overview of standard operating policies and procedures for an organization. These are essential documents that provide structure and establishes consistency and discipline in decision-making and employee behaviour. These indispensable documents set-out a set of guidelines by way of which the HR department shall manage the company’s employees. Each and every aspect Read More..

HR for startups has always been a headache!

Fund-raising may have come easy for start-ups. It's the people matters that appear to be rather tricky. For some, establishing a unique culture is proving to be tough, while for others it's about ensuring new hires remain as engaged as those who began their careers at the start of the company's journey. To measure engagement of teams on a regular basis, Read More..


Clear and concise HR policies are essential for several reasons. A company can face legal challenges grievances and lawsuits if it fails to implement these policies. Every organization requires professional HR policies to run the company effectively and efficiently. Human resource policies and procedures ensure that staffs are treated equally across a variety of employment issues. It also provides help if Read More..

Difference Between an Appointment Letter and Employment Contract in India

Appointment Letter In today’s economy, most people are so happy when they get a job they sometimes overlook the paperwork they’re signing and don’t actually read the fine print. You may think you’re signing a contract, but really you’re accepting a job with a specific title, job description and salary. When is an employment agreement different from an appointment letter. Read More..


A written employment contract is a document that you and your employee sign setting forth the terms of your relationship. The contract can address many aspects of the employment relationship, such as: duration of the job; information about the employee’s responsibilities; what the employee will receive; grounds for termination; limitations on the employee’s ability to compete with your business during Read More..

Things start-up founders need to know about HR

Ask any start-up founder to rank their greatest challenges and inevitably human resources makes the list. For new ventures, a little preparation can mean the difference between creating a culture of success, or becoming completely bogged down by people problems at a time when you can least afford to make mistakes. Unfortunately, simply recognizing HR challenges isn’t enough. Prioritizing is Read More..

EPFO to invest your provident contribution in stocks. But will that benefit you ?

Union Labour Minister Bandaru Dattatreya has said the Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) may invest more than Rs 6,000 crore in equity market during the current financial year. Last year, EPFO had invested about Rs 6,000 crore through SBI Mutual Fund's two index-linked ETFs (exchange-traded funds)- one to BSE's Sensex and the other NSE's Nifty. It (investments into ETFs) may Read More..

Changes in Gujarat Labour Laws that you need to know.

A bill aimed at reforming labour laws in Gujarat has received Presidential approval. The Labour Laws (Gujarat Amendment) Bill, 2015 aims to amend certain provisions in labour laws applicable in Gujarat, including the Industrial Disputes Act 1947, Minimum Wages Act 1948, Factories Act, Contract Labour Act and Employees’ Compensation Act, among others. However, there are a few provisions in the Law that Read More..

All you need to know about a non-compete agreement and how it will benefit your organization.

An non-compete agreement under which an employee agrees that he will serve a particular employer for certain duration, and that he will not serve anybody else during that period, is a valid agreement. During the period of employment, the employer has an exclusive right to avail the services of his employee, and therefore a restraint on the employee to serve Read More..

HR pactices in India 10-15 years behind the curve: Pai

Human Resources practices in India are 10-15 years behind the curve and it is imperative to remodel them to suit the changing needs, aspirations and behaviour patterns of the skilled workforce, Member of the Infosys Board T V Mohandas Pai said. Addressing CII Karnataka Annual H R Conference 2016, H R for Emergent India, said, "India is producing talent and Read More..

Employmnt Bond – Need and Enforceability

The increasing rate of attrition subjects the employers not only to financial losses but also delays in completing the on-going projects.  In order to safeguard their interests, the employers have of late started to obtain an employment bond from their employees. The question that arises is, whether such a method to retain employees is enforceable under the law. The simple Read More..

Labour Law Compliance for HR (In a nutshell)

The HR department of an organization will invariably have to understand and comply with the following legislations. For our readers convenience, we have compressed the legislations for better understanding. You can download complete handbooks on our labour law compliance handbook section. Employee Provident Fund Act Under the EPF Act, the Central Government has framed schemes to be called the Employee Provident Fund Scheme Read More..