Digitization of the Human Resource Industry

Digitising and democratising is together disrupting the HR sector like never before. Not only do these HR have new tools and platform to choose employees from, the interviews itself are not limited to a one on one interview anymore. Here are top 5 trends being adopted by HRs which will make you believe how they are disrupting their ways to get ahead:

Digitization of HR documents:
According to a research result, it is proven that digitisation of HR documents can result in a 15% increase in productivity. With this in mind HR Drop has pioneered the manner and mode in which HR managers prepare human resource documents. Companies use our platform to view and download HR documents in a manner that makes life simple and productive.

Interview on Skype:
Employers to be more visible online as an essential is a passé. HRs today understand that they could easily lose a candidate if they get in to the process of telephonic and face to face meetings. What they are indulging in is very interesting; as interesting as getting on a Skype call to judge the candidate. Established big data brands have modernized their way of approaching and leaving an imprint on the prospective candidates by organising Skype call interviews to gauge whether to take the process ahead or not. It sure saves a lot of time and efforts.
Faster application process:
Having said that, organisations today are becoming employee-focused and no one wants to lose good talent due to endless and complicated application processes. It is the age of quicker processes and not spending weeks and weeks before you find out that you were not selected. Companies like understand the value of good candidates and have processes closed at a much faster pace with employee friendly processes.

Mobile and Millennials:
Job listing is not the right way of attracting millennials as they would simply not visit them and HR managers of today have understood that. It is best to have mobile-friendly career section to woo the millennial generation. Organisations today also ensure that loading times are fast and that the navigation is user friendly. Brands like Oxigen have listings on all the mobile friendly social platforms and have been successful to attract millennial talent.

Organisations with wider visibility
Potential applicants would easily use all the sources, such as different webpages and social media sites, for their job searches. Organisations today cover all potential websites and put job ads in as many places as possible online.

Experience efficiency/ inefficiency of your hiring process
Majority of HR departments never experience how efficient or inefficient the current hiring process actually is. By physically going through the job application, HR Managers are today spotting weaknesses and making improvements as required. Brands like Helpchat is a good example of utilising this effectively.

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